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12″ Floor-Standing Powered Subwoofer

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12″ Floor-Standing Powered Subwoofer

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The PS12 is a powerhouse. With a 250-watt Class D digital amplifier, a massively overbuilt 12-inch pulp-fiber woofer, internal equalization and impeccable acoustical and industrial design, the PS12 is the subwoofer you’ll want for a high-performance home theater or media room. Get ready for some of the best bass you’ve ever heard!

It’s everything you ever wanted in a subwoofer. The PS12 uses a beefy 12-inch woofer and a powerful 250-watt digital amplifier to produce tight, tuneful, powerful bass that will make you music and movies sound dramatically more involving. The response goes all the way down to 28 Hz—and the deepest notes sound especially clean thanks to the slot-loaded enclosure.

Practically every component of the PS12 is beefed up for better performance. The oversized butyl rubber surround allows the woofer cone to move further forward and back. The oversized voice coil stiffens the cone and keeps the motor structure cooler. Yet despite its muscle, the PS12’s compact, inconspicuous black woodgrain cabinet looks elegant as part of any decor.

  • 12″ Long Excursion Treated Paper Cone Woofer
  • Power: 250 Watts RMS
  • Frequency Response: 28Hz – 200Hz
  • Input: Left & Right Line Level, LFE
  • Phase Switch: 0 – 180˚
  • Protection: Overload Protection Circuit
  • Power On/Off: Auto Sensing
  • Port: Rear Slotted
  • Black Wood Grain Finish & Aluminum Feet
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 18¼” x 14-1/16″ x 17¼”

Additional Information

Shipping Weight 30 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in