Core Principles

At CASE AV a STEREN company, our values serve as a critical foundation for how we view, live, learn and interact with the world around us. Without this foundation, we risk not serving our teammates, customers and trade partners to the best of our abilities and weaken the trust that is required in a hyper competitive marketplace.

Personal Leadership: The courage to shape a better future for our families, teammates, customers and trade partners – each of us understands how our choices and decisions impact the world around us.

Team Collaboration: Leverage the collective diversity in experience, knowledge and ability with our co-workers, trade partners and customers for constant improvement and innovation for the benefit of all.

Individual Integrity: Be Real. Be Authentic. Be Genuine. Be True. Be Honest. Be Smart in all our interactions throughout our day with our teammates, trade partners and customers.

Personal Accountability: I stand where the rubber meets the road every day. Each of us at CASE AV understands the significance of our role in the company and take personal pride in being accountable to my company, my fellow teammates, my customers and all our trade partners for the work we do.

Passion: Without it we cannot survive in today’s world.

Quality: Without it we cannot earn the trust of our customers and trade partners.

CASE AV supports a philosophy of building a partnership with our customers. We believe customer feedback is a critical component of delivering an excellent experience and we always listen to our customers.

CASE AV is committed to providing quality service. Customers can expect quality service from knowledgeable, competent and cooperative staff. Employees are empowered to address customer issues and requests. We treat customers with courtesy and respect, in a professional manner.

CASE AV provides prompt and reliable attention to customers. If immediate attention is not possible, customer needs will be acknowledged and/or resolved within 24- 48 hours (past close, weekend or holidays).

Customers have multiple options to contact CASE AV and place orders: via our website (, or email (, or call us at 800-266-3333 8:30AM to 4:30PM PST