Expanding Foam and EZ DIG now DIRECTV approved!

Have you heard about the revolutionary, one-of-a-kind expanding foam Royal Adhesives has developed over the past few years?  Have you seen the EZ DIG drill-attachable auger they created to replace the difficult and laborious post hole digging process?  Last, but certainly not least, did you hear both items are now DIRECTV approved?

Click here to visit the product page for the expanding foam, part # 250-750.

Click here to visit the product page for the EZ DIG drill-attachable auger, part # 250-EZ-DIG.

Click here to to visit royalezdig.com, a website with instructional videos on the EZ DIG assembly and use of the expanding foam.

Both items are in stock on caseav.com.

Not a web customer?  Please contact your salesperson.

New customer? Call 800-519-8731 or email sales@caseav.com to learn more.

Don Westerberg

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